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It's Your Turn: Starting Your Own Business After Corporate - Los Angeles


August 10, 2024    
11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Introducing the It’s Your Turn workshop: the workshop that over 5,000 aspiring entrepreneurs just like you have said ‘yes’ to.


This 60-minute virtual workshop is for you if:

  • You crave autonomy and the financial freedom to say yes to what lights you up and no to what doesn’t.
  • You’re capable of hustling, but you’re tired of the soul-less hustle
  • You want to know HOW to align your skills, talents and passions into your very own business
  • You’ve forgotten what your marketable skills and talents are while serving the needs of everyone around you.


Sound familiar? I’ve been there too, and so have my clients. This is why I’ve created this completely FREE workshop to help curious leaders set the framework for stepping into entrepreneurship – at last!


Because, let’s face it. You can have the corporate salary, the benefits, the PTO, and the admiration of others in your organization all while sensing that something’s missing. This sense is your true calling knocking on the door. And, the longer it’s pushed aside for a false sense of security offered by external validation, the louder this voice within you gets.


The good news is that exploring what “could be” doesn’t mean you have to take the leap and walk out of your job today. Stepping into your dream of becoming an entrepreneur is a unique and personal journey for everyone. There’s a pace and an approach that’s just right for you!




Are you ready to explore what building a purpose-driven business that represents your passions, skills and talents could look like for you?!


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I can’t wait to meet you.

~ Jenni

P.S. Joining live is encouraged. But if you can’t, that’s ok!. You’ll receive access to the recorded call to follow.

Hey! I’m Jenni.

I created this workshop because it’s my belief that each person’s birthright is to be able to experience a life where they create meaningful impact and get compensated well for that impact. There’s no better way to do this than through entrepreneurship.

But here’s the thing: when we’re leaving our previous life as an employee and stepping into entrepreneurship, it’s easy to take our bad habits with us.

You know the ones: shiny object syndrome, saying yes to everything instead of the key things that matter, overworking, prioritizing profit over your own passions.

The habits that got you where you are now are not the same habits that will allow you to thrive as an entrepreneur. That’s why pressing the reset button before you start your business is key.

As a former operator for two multi-million dollar franchises and serial entrepreneur myself, I’ve witnessed first hand how important it is to step into entrepreneurship with personal clarity and professional focus.

It’s why I created my business, Higher House. Through courses, business mentorship, and speaking events, I help people create and scale purpose-driven businesses.

Let demystify the journey of entrepreneurship together. I can’t wait to show you how!

Jenni, Founder of Higher House.

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