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Essential Steps to Become a Successful Entrepreneur - Anaheim


June 28, 2024    
10:00 am

You did everything right and followed all the checkmarks you were told you needed for success – you got your education, you got a well-paying job… yet, inside, you feel unhappy and unsatisfied.

It’s almost as if life is just a never-ending cycle of work, unfulfillment, and an internal battle with yourself. Maybe you’re scrolling through Instagram or TikTok looking at all the amazing things others are doing and how happy they seem. But, for now, you only live vicariously through them.

You’ve had aspirations, or an inkling, of starting up your own business, but you haven’t hit go. Maybe there’s some doubt boiling up inside wondering if you can do it, what do you have to offer the world, or wondering if this is something for you.

If this sounds like you – then this workshop will be incredibly powerful for you.

During the workshop we will:

– address some concerns that have been holding you back

–  draw your awareness to the most common yet often elusive source of hesitation

–  provide you with the next key action step so you can truly step into your entrepreneurial journey.

Life isn’t meant to be spent in a hamster wheel and living through others’ experiences. We’re here to actually LIVE our lives with excitement and inner freedom. Allow life to work for you… not against you.

Location: Online (via Zoom)

Investment: Your time and participation

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