How to Connect with Investors Without An Elevator Pitch

How to Connect with Investors Without An Elevator Pitch

Building a startup from scratch is tough. Starting from securing funding from investors to attracting new customers and closing deals, every entrepreneur goes through numerous challenges each day in their life. 

Creating new connections and networking can play a crucial role in any startup’s success. But it’s easier said than done. For building genuine relationships with angel investors or venture capitalists, you need to frequently reach out to them. And your pitch deck may not always help though you should still keep a copy of the pitch deck ready on your device when you go to meet them. 

Showcasing your pitch deck to angel investors and securing funding is cliché. Most startup founders end up getting their pitch deck rejected by investors for whatever reasons. You’ve to think out of the box. Try to build a long-term connection with them. And it really helps! 

When you build genuine connections with them, you can interact with them, understand what type of startups they are looking to invest in, and the latest insight about the startup ecosystem and how it works. Besides, if they found you genuine and convincing, they might easily invest in your startup, too. 

Best Options for Making Connections with Investors 

  • Visit Industry Events and Seminars

Want to connect with the best investors and serial entrepreneurs? Start visiting trade shows, conferences, events, and seminars relating to your line of business.  

Attending these events and conferences help you understand the nitty-gritty of the business, besides letting you meet industry people and make new connections.  

  • Professional Associations

If you’re a startup founder, you should get a membership in the relevant professional association. These associations provide networking opportunities and plenty of educational resources to help you dive deep into the line of your business and keep you up to date about the relevant trends in your industry.  

Joining such an association can help you stay abreast of the latest happening while giving you direct access to industry-specific knowledge and resources. 

  • Social Networking Sites

They never get old. Using social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Quora can be a great source for meeting new investors and sharing relevant content with them.  

Through social media, you can participate in online conversations, express your thoughts, and directly interact with angel investors. It’s always a good gesture to share posts of angel investors and interact with them using the comment or reply option.  

Remember to keep the conversation strictly professional. As you’re about to initiate a relationship with investors, you shouldn’t come across as greedy or too persuasive to get funded for your startup.  

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Networking continues to be an essential aspect of the startup ecosystem. Building genuine relationships can make your entrepreneurial journey more exciting and rewarding. However, be authentic and patient. If you lose patience, things can go haywire. 

Take time to know industry people and investors. Try to talk with them and understand their expectations. Know what they are looking for from startup founders. Learn about their expectations, goals, and values. Keeping a tab on investors’ profiles on social media can help you understand a lot of things. 

Tips to Present Yourself in front of Investors 

  • Be Genuine and Authentic: As a startup founder, you should never pretend anything. Just be yourself. Don’t try to impress investors. Instead, you should focus on connecting with them and creating a long-term relationship.
  • Be Polite and Kind: As a startup founder, you can’t be selfish. Be generous and kind. Whenever you get an opportunity to introduce yourself, do it politely. Similarly, if an investor wants you to share your expertise or feedback with them, do it. These little steps can help you come across as a valuable member of the industry’s community.
  • Be Patient: Your networking goal may not get fulfilled in a day. It’ll take time. So, in an entrepreneurial journey, it’s essential to be patient and perseverant. Things may not fall into its place immediately. Just go with the flow and make connections.
  • Establish Your Credibility: In a world of unexpected twists and turns, establishing genuine connections with industry stalwarts and angel investors can help you go a long way in your startup journey. It gives you an opportunity to establish your credibility as a trustworthy person in the field.

In Conclusion 

In a startup ecosystem, networking never goes to waste. Startup founders should leverage the potential of networks to get funded by investors and take their startups to new heights.  

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These new connections and networking opportunities often unlock doors to success. Building these types of authentic connections can help you build a genuine connection with investors without a pitch deck.  

No doubt, building a connection at a deeper level can take time, but it’ll be worth it. It helps you win their trust and who knows they might be prompted to invest in your startup, too. With an engaged network of contacts, you can always make a mark in this hyper-competitive world of startups.