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Startup Founders: Take the Guesswork Out of Fundraising


July 10, 2024    
10:00 am - 11:30 am


Santa Ana
Santa Ana,, CA, CA , 90401, CA
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​You’re doing it wrong.

​After 10 live cohorts of Fundraise With Confidence, 227 founders coached, and over $311M raised, that’s what we confirmed.

​The founders who struggle the most to fundraise are simply doing it wrong.

​Weak narratives, ineffective emails, and broken processes – they’re all common mistakes in fundraising, and I’m excited to fix them all.

We’re launching the next version of Adamant Fundraising. It’s the result of all we’ve learned from Fundraise with Confidence (RIP!) in a simpler and more accessible format.

​Join us for this live event where we’ll show you how it’s all done and what you can expect from the program!

​You won’t be disappointed. Come learn how to do it the right way so you can eliminate your frustration, save time, and get back to building.

Adamant Fundraising: Expert support to fundraise the right way

A training program & community to help:

  • Construct a narrative that excites VCs
  • Launch a fundraise that closes quickly
  • Make connections that enhance your network
  • Improve fundraising conversions

IMPORTANT: I have some exclusive giveaways ready for those who join us live at the event so make sure you register and hold the time!

​This will include our Superchargers for Future Fundraising Pack ($287 value) and more!

​​​​Don’t just take my word for it – hear from some of the successful founders who have attended my workshops in the past:

I flailed around for 2 years. Then closed an investor weeks after our cohort concluded. Thank you Jason! – Rob B.​​​​​​​

“I think the most valuable thing was really learning the other side of the equation, understanding what investors are looking for, what makes them tick, their psychology, and why they get excited about certain companies and don’t get excited about others.”  Shannon D.

The learning for me has been tremendous, was delivered in a very consumable way. Jason, you’ve just been incredible at delivering nuggets of gold and answering all questions thoughtfully and candidly. – Dina G.

​​​​I can’t even tell you how meaningful it’s been for our previous and this current round… complete GAME CHANGER! – Zohaib A.

​​​​There’s no better way to learn and to activate that deep inner desire to become a better version of yourself. That was one of those events for me. In one word: mind blowing. – Victoria H.

​Really enjoyed your workshop yesterday. There are so many of these out there but yours was the best I’ve seen yet. – Alex R.


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