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In-Person Business Networking Event - Los Angeles


July 18, 2024    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


11600 Washington Place
11600 Washington Place, , Los Angeles, CA, 90066, CA
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If you have been following Global Woman Club and the work we do around the world to empower women you may know that we focus in two areas.

  1. We help women build their confidence
  2. We help women make their own money

How do we do it? We have our mantra: If You want to empower a woman, give her a microphone. How can the microphone empower women? Well, we know that in order to start their own business, they need more confidence. And confidence is not something you can learn by reading books, you need to take action. This is exactly what we do. We encourage women to take a microphone and come on stage to share with us: What’s their purpose? What’s their vision? If they don’t know it yet, we help them to find it. The mic has so much power, and by coming on stage, they stand in their power. That power can also reflect success toward their projects or new ventures. This in return can reflect into real business with other like-minded women. We bring them together with networking events and just in a short time they see the difference.

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