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March 5, 2024    
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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If you are a B2B Founder, this event is for you. Feeling isolated or alone? Hear from other Founders (from Seed to Series C) and gain valuable insights, strategies, thoughts, and concerns during these times of economic uncertainty. This will be a no holds barred, authentic, open-conversation in a roundtable format.

Followed immediately with an audience Q&A.

Sponsored by K&L GatesJ.P. MorganMucker Capital and LeadrPro

​Founder Roundtable Participants

Roy Dekel, SetSchedule (Series A, $21.4MM)
Les Borsai, Wave Digital Assets ($1.5B in AUM)
Andrew Maximov, Promethean AI (undisclosed)
Joseph Lee, Ardius (acquired by Gusto)
Matt Tabatabai, Zuum (Series A, $38.6MM)

plus special guests…

​​To nominate a founder, email foundersroundtable@leadrpro.com

Moderated by Chris Sheng, growth advisor at Mucker Capital, CEO of LeadrPro, and host of PodSaaS

We’ll cover such relevant topics as:

  • founder war stories
  • raising capital
  • growth during a recession
  • culture and teams during times of uncertainty
  • what’s in store for 2024

About the companies:

SetSchedule is a technology company that focuses on SAAS, consumer cloud communication, and real estate information products.

Wave Digital Assets is a digital asset management firm with a unique combination of venture capital, fund and wealth management competencies investing in crypto since 2016.

Promethean AI is Artificial Intelligence For Virtual World Building.

Ardius leverages technology and expertise to help claim R&D tax credits.

Zuum is a logistics platform that connects digital freight marketplaces, shipper TMS, broker software, carrier TMS, and mobile driver app.

Previous participants include:

  • ​​​Eddie Martucci, Akili Interactive (NASDAQ: AKLI)
  • Alex Canter, CEO of Nextbite (acquired by SBE)
  • Jeff Chen, Pixlee (acquired by Emplifi)
  • Paul Sellew, Little Leaf Farms (Series D, $435MM)
  • Roei Yellin, 8fig ($197MM raised)
  • Nathan Latka, Founderpath ($161MM raised)
  • Eric Johnson, Membersy ($106MM raised)
  • Erich Kerekes, Hallow App (Series C, $105MM)
  • Noam Schwartz, ActiveFence (Series B, $100MM)
  • Amritpal Singh, Multiplier (Series B, $77MM)
  • Timmu Toke, Ready Player Me (Series B, $73MM)
  • Jennifer Glaspie-Lundstrom, Tandym ($60MM)
  • Sami Ahmed, Hunt Club (Series B, $52MM)
  • Dave Jacobs, Homethrive (Series B, $38MM)
  • Daniel Kirschner, Greenfly ($37MM)
  • Mike Pappas, Modulate (Series A, $36MM)
  • Jeffrey Perlman, Bright Power ($36MM raised)
  • Tyler Strand, Air ($28MM raised)
  • ​​Rosa Hamalainen, Rupa Health (Series A, $26MM)
  • Roy Dekel, CEO of SetSchedule ($21.4MM)
  • ​Gaurav Bhattacharya, Involve (Series A, $19MM)
  • Danny Freed, Blueprint (Series A, $14MM)
  • ​​Nicole Green, CEO of Givingli ($14MM)
  • Luca Zambello, Jurny ($13MM)
  • Justin Papermaker, LoudCrowd ($9.2MM raised)
  • Danny He, SoapBox ($7MM)
  • Sarah Milby, Valor Performance (Seed, $6MM)
  • Pete Ryan, CoSell ($2MM raised)
  • Walter Guevara, LeadrPro ($2MM)
  • Anuj Bhalla, ServiceMob ($2MM)
  • Nick Spiller, Capital Factory